El gigante panel de X-Men Days of Future Past en el Comic Con 2013

@ 26 . julio . 2013

Histórico sin lugar a dudas, la gigante reunión de mutantes de la nueva y antigua saga de X-Men reunidos no sólo en pantalla sino en esta conferencia del Hall H del Comic Con 2013 de San Diego.

Hugh Jackman se encargó de un monólogo para promocionar The Wolverine y DOFP, y luego entraron todo el reparto de X-Men: Days of Future Past con el director Bryan Singer.

Estamos hablando de:
Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Peter Dinklage, Michael Fassbender, Halle Berry, James McAvoy, Evan Peters, Shawn Ashmore y Omar Sy.

Sy será Bishop, y Peters es el rápido Quicksilver, la versión de FOX.

X-Men Days of Future Past en el Comic-Con
X-Men Days of Future Past en el Comic-Con
Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen
X-Men Days of Future Past Comic-Con 2013
X-Men DOFP Comic-Con
X-Men Hall H Comic-Con

Les dejo con el video (en mala calidad) de toda la conferencia:

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  • Tomazon

    Ellen Page, apenas centimetros más alta que Peter Dinklage. Aun así, grandes los dos, especialmente Tyrion, digo, Peter.

  • Luis Humberto

    Tambien pusieron un teaser de DOFP. Hay excelentes criticas de aquel avance, les dejo una descripción en inglés:

    The footage opens on an eye. Professor X’s eye to be exact.

    “What’s the last thing you remember?” he asks in voiceover. (All quotes below are voiceover unless noted.)

    A montage of several original characters: Shawn Ashmore as Ice Man, Ellen Page as Kitty Pride, Halle Berry as Storm. etc.

    “I had a little glimpse into the past.”

    Wolverine, dressed in a black outfit fitted with buckles, walks with older Professor X (Stewart) and older Magneto (McKellen), in similar attire. They appear to be in some kind of temple, with very rich colors.

    “You’re going to have to do for me what I once did for you,” Xavier’s voice says. “You need me as well,” Magneto adds. “Side by side to end this war before it ever begins.”

    The trio approaches what appears to be some kind of ritual table, followed by a montage of new characters including Omar Sy as Bishop. They appear to also be in this present/future time with the original characters, in similar black outfits.

    “So I wake up in my younger body and then what?” Logan says. “Find me. Convince me of all of this,” Xavier explains.

    We finally see the younger Xavier (McAvoy) sitting down with an ‘X’ of light on his head. He and his companions are all in ’70s clothes.

    “It’s going to take the two of us,” Magneto says.

    Now we see young Magneto (Fassbender) floating, doing some other possibly sinister stuff.

    “Then where do I find you?” Logan asks. “On different paths,” old Magneto says. “Darker paths.”

    We see some more shots from the ’70s, most of the new First Class characters living their own lives.

    “Logan, lead me. Guide me. Be patient with me,” the older professor pleads. “Patience isn’t my strong suit,” responds Logan.

    We see Logan with two lights on the side of his head and he screams. Hard cut.

    The footage goes into a montage of many things. Some examples include a secret compartment under the Oval Office. More new characters. Trask (Peter Dinklage) presiding over a meeting. Lots of action scenes including Wolverine riddled with bullet holes, Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) crying, Mystique changing form and walking in a military uniform, Young Magneto floating, getting choked by Beast (Nicolas Hoult) and young Xavier blowing the dust off Cerebro.

    Finally we see young Xavier touching Logan’s face and we hear his voice in voiceover, from a different scene.

    “I don’t want your suffering,” Xavier screams. “I don’t want your future!”

    The final shot is young Xavier encountering old Xavier, looking each other dead in the eye, and old Xavier says the following as voice over:

    “Please. We need you to hope again”

    Then the title card: “Days of Future Past.”(tomado de Slashfilm)