Una carta de Steve Wozniak luego de su baile en Dancing with the Stars

@ 11 . marzo . 2009

En la página de Steve Wozniak, el GRAN Woz nos agradece por todo el apoyo que le hemos dado, los aplausos y los buenos comentarios de su baile. También esta muy feliz por lo que comentó un juez, que su baile estuvo muy bien, mostraba alegría y ganas de probar algo nuevo, y eso es de lo que se trata Dancing with The Stars. No concuerda con lo que juzgaron los otros jueces, o lo que aplaudió más el público, ni tampoco la comparación que le dijo un juez con un Teletubie.

Este es un resumen de su carta abierta:

Steve Wozniak Dancing A Letter from Woz “Post Dance”

I want to thank all the supporters and fans who are watching DWTS to see me. If enough people like me or relate to me and watch it, they will become a visible demographic and that will keep me on the show.

Tonight the judges were not in tune with what the public likes. The live audience applauded a judge’s comment that what my partner and I did was what the show was about. The press people that we talked with for an hour or so afterwards all told me that they cheered our dance, from their quarters. The dancers gave total support and indicated that we did great after our post-interview, and they did so for none of the other dances.

I have hundreds of emails saying the same sort of thing, that people loved our dance.

Karina became aware of my playful joking nature some time ago. As she was supposed to do, she choreographed a dance around my personality. We didn’t take it easy. This is a balls-out, sweating routine. We built in lots of comedy. At the start I have a pink boa (the ‘softer’ Woz) and I blow a kiss rather effeminately towards the audience. I keep my smile and eyes on the audience throughout.
Someone has to try things a bit out of the normal.

Afterward we spoke with press for an hour. They all said how in the press room they had cheered us only, loving our dance.

When Karina and I returned and finished our post-interview, the other dancers all told us how much they loved our dance and how fun it was. I have made a lot of good friends among the dancers and celebrities, and being nice helps.

Karina and I did exactly as we planned, so we came away extremely happy. I hit every beat.

I do love all my fans who actually vote for me, via phone or online. We can show the DWTS people that we represent a large demographic that is new to the show.

More tomorrow after I see the doctor.
floating, Woz

Aquí puedes leer la carta completa y aquí esta el vídeo de su baile.

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