El twitter de Benjamin Linus: Twitter is *not* my constant.

@ 06 . marzo . 2009

twitter de Benjamin Linus

Varias veces nos encontramos con las cuentas falsas de twitter sobre personajes de ficción, llenos de twitts muy graciosos sobre su personaje y entorno. Este es el caso del villano de la serie Lost, Benjamin Linus.

Aquí recopilo unas joyas twitteadas en @benlinus.

  • @benlinus: Tip: When executing people via gun shot to the back of the head — don’t be such a pussy and do it via Smoke Beast instead.
  • @benlinus: Re: Rousseau’s net trap. How the hell was I supposed to know *not* to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich lying on the jungle floor?
  • @benlinus: If I had known that my first kidnapped child was going to die a horrible death, I probably would have held on to Walt.
  • @benlinus: Sometimes I feel like the guy who just gets to watch during a threesome. First I lose Juliet to Jack, and then I lose Jacob to John.
  • Y el mejor de todos:

    @benlinus: Twitter is *not* my constant.

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