Video de Steve Jobs y Bill Gates juntos en D: All Things Digital 2007

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Steve Jobs y Bill Gates

1ra Parte: Steve Jobs y Bill Gates se sientan juntos

:PC: Momento histórico, los 2 más grandes personalidades del mundo de la computación se sientan uno al lado del otro. Sabemos bien el pasado tortuoso que Bill Gates representa para Apple ya que hace muchos años les copió el GUI, la Interfaz de Usuario Gráfica del Sistema Operativo de Apple Lisa, para poder vender Windows.


En el D: all Things Digital, el nunca pensado día llegó. Bill Gates y Steve Jobs se sentaron juntos para hablar de sus empresas, su pasado juntos, en un ambiente neutral.

Me es inevitable decir que solo faltaba que digan a un inicio:

Hi, I am a Mac, and I am a PC

I am a Mac, I am a PC Como en los comerciales Get a Mac de Apple. En verdad se parecen mucho en vestimenta a esos dos personajes. Bill Gates y Steve Jobs son el ultimate I am a Mac, I am a PC, en verdad.

Se notó bastante respeto y admiración el uno por el otro
, realmente fue un gusto verlos juntos y ver como se adulaban de cierta manera. Bill y Steve estuvieron muy relajados durante toda la entrevista y cada uno tuvo su oportunidad de hacer una que otra broma.

2º Parte: Entrevista a Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, ahora en una entrevista personal, comenta como su trabajo se divide en 2 negocios actualmente, pero dentro de poco estará con 3 negocios y un hobby. Los negocios son: las computadoras Mac, la música y los gadgets portátiles como el iPhone y el iPod. Lo que considera un hobby, es Apple TV.

Nos predice que estan trabajando en los mejores iPods, que pronto los veremos. Posteriormente sólo mostró rápidamente el iPhone que lleva en su bolsillo y se negó a usarlo o a describir sus características.

Steve Jobs, Aeromental tiene la impresión que para mostrar tan rápidamente tu iPhone personal que es un prototipo, este no esta funcionando, se arruinó, lo dejaste caer en tu piscina, el prototipo ya fundió sus chips o algo le pasó. Fue demasiada obvia la negación para hablar de lo que hace iPhone y de mostrarlo funcionando nuevamente en pantallas, lo que es marketing gratuito. Vean la foto que puse abajo de Steve jobs sujetando su iPhone, la pantalla esta negra. Esta apagado o quizás muerto. Que pena :(

Steve Jobs iPhone en D: All Things Digital 2007

Vía Engadgement, les dejo con las transcripciones de ambas entrevistas. Si gustan alguna parte traducida al español, me lo comentan y lo haré, en esta ocasión el texto me resulta muy largo para traducirlo todo.

Transcripción de la entrevista a Steve Jobs

Nota: Esta transcripción cubre mas preguntas de las que salen en el video

12:17pm – Here we go! Ladies and gentleman, Steve Jobs!

Thanks for the joint session with Gates… let me ask you an odd question, you’ve changed the name of Apple, so what business is Apple?

Steve Jobs en D: All Things Digital 2007

We’re in two busineses today, we’ll be very shortly in three business and a hobby. One is our Mac business, second is our music business, third business is the phone business, handsets. And the hobby is Apple TV. The reason I call it a hobby is a lot of people have tried and failed to make it a business. It’s a business that’s hundreds of thousands of units per year but it hasn’t crested to be millions of units per year, but I think if we improve things we can crack that.

12:20pm – You have something to show related to Apple TV today… in your first couple of appearances I asked you — you got good reviews on the Macs, but the needle on the share didn’t move.

We all use Macs at Apple, we love the mac. We think we make the best notebooks in the world, we think we make the best computers in the world. We’ve always been a little ahead, I can see a time where notebooks are 80-90% of what we sell. We continue to improve our OS — we had a big release that we didn’t get too much credit for… the OS X product line to Intel. It was very seameless for the customers. The growth that we’ve seen since the Intel transition has been about 3x the market growth rate.

12:22pm – … And your market share is what?

Steve Jobs en D: All Things Digital 2007

If you measure it worldwide it’s like 3%. If you measure it in the US it’s like 5-6%… if you look at US notebook sales it’s like 12%. If you look at US retail we have double-digit market share… but we can’t really calculate the consumer market share.

12:23pm – Funny question: this is your gradual exit out of the computer business with the name change?

No. If you come to WWDC we’re rolling out our new version of OSX — massive investments in desktops. You’ll love it.

12:24pm – Are you planning some big new iPod model post-iPhone?

So a while means since last September? [awkward silence] This is a fast moving business.

[Some really awkward banter!] Ok. Ok. Sorry I wasn’t taking your feelings into account.

We’re working on the best iPods that we’ve ever worked on… and they’re AWESOME.

12:25pm – Ok! Moving right along… what phone are you carrying?

Steve Jobs iPhone en D: All Things Digital 2007

[ flashes the iPhone, puts it back away] Best iPod we’ve ever made, best phone we’ve ever made!

When are you planning to ship? Like the last day of June? It will be available in volume?

Late June…

31th of June?

I hope so! Certainly. [laughs]

Do you expect to sell most of these through your stores? Cingular?

We’ll be selling these through our stores Cingular which is now the new AT&T… laughter…

12:26pm – You’re a lot nicer about cellphone carriers than you were last time I saw you.

Cingular bent and broke a lot of rules, this was an all new deal for them… Apple apparently has a lot of respect for Cingular’s trust on Apple. “Cingular invested in us, and likewise we took a gamble on them. I will never forget that.”

12:27pm – Why do you think they did it?

Steve Jobs en D: All Things Digital 2007

They did it for two reasons: first is because music on phones hasn’t been successful so far, they wanted to do something good with music on phones. The second reason is more profound: they have spent and are spending a fortune to build these 3G networks, and so far there ain’t a lot to do with them. People haven’t voted with their pocketbooks to sign up for video on their phones. These phones aren’t capable of taking advantage of it. Youv’e used the internet on your phone, it’s terrible! You get the baby internet, or the mobile internet — people want the REAL internet on their phone. We are going to deliver that. We’re going to take advantage of some of these investments in bandwidth.

12:28pm – Your goals that you set for sales for the iPhone are not gigantic — but in a billion unit market that’s 1%. They didn’t sign the deal for a high volume product.

A billion units is a worldwide number… people have forgotten more than we know about this market.

12:29pm – Any features on the iphone you haven’t announced you’d like to share?

Uh, nope! [Laughter]

12:30pm – You put out a press release this morning about iTunes without DRM… is it only EMI?

It’s only EMI right now but there are zillions of independants that want to jump on. We worked really hard not to add complexity. The first time you buy an iTunes Plus song it asks if you only want to buy it where it’s available? So wherever it’s available you get those. We’re also offering people a special offer to upgrade every song they own to iTunes Plus for $0.30 per song or 30% of the album price.

[Chatting about the DRM-free business model going forward, and the open letter.]

12:32pm – A lot of your rivals were lobbying labels for a long time… there are these issues of lock-in. Were you just getting ahead of the train that was already moving?

Steve Jobs en D: All Things Digital 2007

If you look at the total number of iPods and total number of songs sold on iTunes, it’s less than 25 per iPod. They’re clearly not getting the majority of their songs from iTunes, so this notion we have a lock-in is ridiculous. You can get MP3s from anywhere, they rip their CDs, and get their music from… other ways. The way we’ve always felt, we have the best music player people will buy iPods. If we have the best music store people will buy music. We felt that we have a great solution —

12:33pm – This part of your business is the iPod. Not the —

There’s three pieces. The iPod, iTunes — the jukebox — on the Mac and PC. And there’s the online store in the cloud.

12:34pm – But the iPod is the biggest part. Most of what I pay goes to the label… do you jeopardize that when DRM goes away?

Again, if people are getting the vast majority of their music not from the store I think that’s because the iPod is the best music player.

12:35pm – Is the iPhone a wireless iPod? Or a phone that has an iPod in it?

It’s three things: the best iPod we’ve ever made. An incredibly great cellphone — we’ve really revolutionized how to use a cellphone. If it was nothing but a cellphone it’d be really successful. Third thing is it’s the internet in your pocket for the first time. If it was any of those three it’d be successful. If it was just the internet in your pocket it’d sell better than the Sony Mylo…

12:36pm – How much debate was there — do you even have any debate at Apple?

There’s lots. [Laughter] If you want to hire and keep bright people you can’t tell them what to do… very often. Once a year, maybe twice, you have a silver bullet now and then, but basically you don’t do that. At Apple it’s about ideas, and we argue about ideas constantly.

12:37pm – So how much argument was there about not having a keyboard on the iPhone?

None. None.

So you had no one in Cupertino that thought that was a good idea?

Yeah. [Laughter]

12:38pm – Why?

A few reasons. Once you actually use this magical display there’s no going back. We actually think we have a better keyboard. It takes a few days of getting used to, but I bet you dinner that after a few days of using it you’ll be convinced. It takes a week — you have to learn how to trust it. When you learn how to trust it, you’ll fly. And we can use that physical space for other things where you don’t need a keyboard — we can add new applications… it provides incredible flexibility and you don’t take up half the space of this thing with a phsyical keyboard.

12:39pm – How much time do you have before people copy the physical form-factor? Was there a cost to announcing early?

Steve Jobs en D: All Things Digital 2007

If you zoom out and you say why does the iPod exist? Why is Apple successful in this business? What’s the answer? Because the Japanese CE companies who were the preeiminent hardware makers just couldn’t do software as well it needed to be done. If you look at the iPod, it’s a software product — in beautiful hardware. Software wrapped in a beautiful package. The Japanese CE companies couldn’t make the leap to create that kind of software. And that’s why Apple enjoys the success it does with the iPod.

If you look at handsets it looks very similar. The handset makers have their hardware down, but haven’t been able to make the leap to software. Like Microsoft’s PlaysForSure — licensable, it’s of a certain cailber… but our software is at least 5 years ahead of anything we’ve seen. We’ve spent years working on this. We started with an OS we’ve been working on for well over a decade…

12:42pm – But the iPhone doesn’t REALLY have the whole OS X operating system on there…

The answer is: yes it does! The entire Mac OS is gigs, a lot is data. Take out the data — every desktop pattern, sound sample — if you look at Safari it’s not that big. It’s REAL Safari, REAL OS X. We put a different user interface on it to work with a multi-touch screen… it’s an amazing amount of software.

12:43pm – On the technical side… could a Mac OS X app run on an iPhone?

Steve Jobs en D: All Things Digital 2007

We don’t think that’s a good idea. We don’t have a mouse, we don’t have pull-down menus… we have a very different user interface on the phone. [Ha! Nice non-answer!]

12:44pm – The Holy Grail — one is a great pocket device… one is connecting content to your TV… why do you describe it [Apple TV] as a hobby? When I tested it it was very easy to set up, why isn’t it dead simple to imagine people buying that in large numbers?

Coming from the PC market you first think about getting content from your PC to your livingroom. I’m not sure that’s really what most consumers want. It’s great to show photos, play your music, but we tend to think of that as the entree — that’s the peas on the side.

I brought something to show you.

12:46pm – [Demo time! He’s working with an Apple TV]

[Going through the interface — talking about streaming.] One of the things we stream directly is movie trailers — here’s a little moving coming out at the end of June, it’s called Ratatouille.

12:48pm – Works fine off cable modem —

Works even better on 100mbit fiber optic networks I hear people have. You can buy movies off iTunes as well. It’s pretty good quality — we arent selling high def… at this point. But I think in the future that might change!

12:49pm – We’re going to sell our 100 millionth TV show this year.. it’s fun. [Talking more about how Apple TV works.]

12:51pm – But this is all peas? This isn’t the main entree?

12:52pm – We’ll see over time, but I’m not so sure it is… we’ll see. So what we’re going to do today is introduce something really cool. People want to buy a lot of video… wouldn’t it be great if you could see YouTube on your Apple TV… it’s available as a free software upgrade available in a few weeks. Normally I wouldn’t announce it early, but hey, it’s D.

12:55pm – [Watching some YouTube video]

12:56pm – Did you ever think you’d associate the Apple brand with this?

You know, it’s funny, since we got this working we’ve been watching a TON of this stuff.

12:58pm – Does that mean Leopard is being delayed again?? [laughter]

I’m nervous up here, I hit the wrong keys…

Yeah Steve, because you’re REALLY BAD at stage presentations. [Laughter]

[Showing the human slingshot video.] “It’s like the Darwin Awards.” [People are laughing already.]

Only at D, YouTube on a hundred inch screen. I don’t know what the res is of this video setup… but I imagine you have a bigscreen TV… YouTube clips don’t even look great on a smail window on your laptop…

The biggest thing that limits the quality is the source YouTube gets… you get what you get, like you I’m a stickler for quality. But this stuff is so fun to watch.

1:00pm – I’m telling you, Leopard delayed again! Why not let the Apple TV go anywhere to get video?

That’s a good idea! Let’s do it! No… these ideas will percolate up, we’ll have a collection of ideas of what we can do with this stuff. I think a normal web browser is not necessarily what people want in their living room.

1:02pm – So even with the human slingshot and quick-change — that’s not going to take Apple TV from a hobby to a real business?

I use the word hobby because it’s provocative, but the iPod started this way. The iPod started off feeling a lot like this.

But you’re committed?


But it’s a set-top box…

No, we’ve wanted to do this for a few years. But we thought of this as a set-top box replacement. The minute you have an STB you have gnarly issues, CableCARD, OCAP… that just isn’t something we would choose to do ourselves. We couldn’t see a go-to-market strategy that makes sense. But wait, there are a lot more DVD players than STBs, we just want to be a new DVD player for the internet age. And that’s what we can be. So our model for the Apple TV is like a DVD player for the internet.

So when you bring an ATV and iPhone home, all you need is iTunes software. You don’t need to go into the windows control panel… they have their method. You just take care of that in iTunes. [wow, fluffy Walt!] So the question: how many copies of iTunes are out there?

Several times as many copies of iTunes out there. 300m or more.

1:05pm – Almost all are on Windows computers?

Statistically yes.

Statistically? In reality? In this dimension? So that makes you an enormous Windows software developer.

Steve: It’s like giving a glass of ice water to somebody in hell!

Steve Jobs en D: All Things Digital 2007

1:06pm – There’s that Steve Jobs humility. Does the scale surprise you? This piece of software is on all these Windows computers…

The scale of all these things surprises me. I never thought we’d ship 100m iPods. No, never.

1:07pm – Do you think video on portable devices is a success? A big deal, people want it? When you were here before you didn’t think anyone would want it…

I was definitely more skeptical than customers. What happened was, with the iPod video they proved us wrong. We talk to our customers a lot, do a lot of research. Video has been the number one or two reason people have bought that product… people watch a lot of video on those iPods. The screens are small, but they’re $249. Video is here to stay, and its use will grow.

1:08pm – You don’t have a video service for the iPhone…

Sure we do… it’s iTunes. Not over the air. People have tried it with music and it’s failed. Part of the reason that it’s failed is the phone isn’t the best place for discovering music or browsing catalogues. Then there’s the cost of wireless vs. terrestrial internet. Then you get it on your phone you have to sync it back to your PC… we’ve got 100m iPods we’ve sold that people know how to sync, they know how to buy music on iTunes.

1:09pm – So you have no plans to put any version of the iTunes store on the iPhone itself despite the fact that you have a big screen and non-baby OS?

We certainly have nothing to announce today.

[Tiempo de Preguntas y Respuestas de los reporteros en la audiencia]

Steve Jobs en D: All Things Digital 2007

Q: I read you still personally pick up the phone and recruit people…

Our business, all we are is our ideas, all we are is our people. That’s what keeps us going to work in the morning. I’ve always felt and feel even more strongly that recruiting is the heart and soul of what we do.

Q: [From Blake from Sling!] Two parter: can you comment on the 2.5G nature of the iPhone?

Interesting thing, it automatically switches to WiFi automatically — I’m in this industry, we were the first to ship a laptop with WiFi, shipped the first G, first N routers… [nope!] If you choose to join a network it remembers that. But if you’re in a place and you want to join a WiFi network you haven’t joined before it prompts you. But it’s EVERYWHERE. There’s like 10x more WiFi out there than I ever thought there was. WiFi is faster than any 3G, and EDGE is very fast too.

Q: Apple doesn’t really advertise on the internet… 95% of the people who’d see your ad are using the inferior product. Seems to be a good opportunity.

I can say that our Mac vs PC campaign we advertise online quite a bit… but not on those sites.

Q: All indications appear that the iPhone is closed, we’d love to develop apps…

Steve Jobs en D: All Things Digital 2007

This is an important tradeoff between security and openness. We want both. We’re working through a way… we’ll find a way to let 3rd parties write apps and still preserve security on the iPhone. But until we find that way we can’t compromise the security of the phone.

I’ve used 3rd party apps… the more you add, the more your phone crashes. No one’s perfect, and we’d sure like our phone not to crash once a day. If you can just be a little more patient with us I think everyone can get what they want.

Q on iPhone battery life.

When you’re talking about a portable device it’s all about power, it’s all about battery life. We’ve been fighting that fight for a long time with our notebooks. We were able to bring all our experience to the phone — you’ve hit a key theme of portables.

Q about Steve’s cancer — “How are you now?”

I’m still vertical! laughter. I’m feeling great, thanks.

Q: Apple DRM is AAC — transcoding, ripping, burning, etc. — why not make Apple’s DRM-free music MP3?

[Aplausos para la pregunta sobre el DRM y Apple]

Let me point out a few things. All the MP3s you guys sell will play fine on iPods. We chose AAC because it’s a much better encoder. We don’t own it. Anyone can license it, the majority of players out there can play it, and most of the big players out there play AAC. [Umm, no, not actually true!] We’re not trying to keep anyone out, we’re just trying to use a superior audio technology. You can encode all your stuff in AAC as well, it’d be really easy…

Q: Do you want to get into the video capture space?

We do build video cameras into most of our computers now… MacBooks are pretty tiny. We’re not planning on getting into the camcorder market.

Q: Do you read the Fake Steve Jobs blog? No, the real question that’s meaningful to me… you’re obsessed with entertainment, but is that irrelevant? What REALLY changes the world moving forward?

I have read a few of the FSJ things recently, but I thought it was pretty funny! (questioner: I don’t write it.) I am interested in storytelling, I got involved with Pixar, I’m the one of the cheerleaders at Disney and I love a lot of the stuff they do, so I love storytelling. but what we do at Apple is try to make tools for people, tools to enjoy and create, whether it’s Macs or phones or iPods. This age we’re living in… these tools can always surprise you on the upside. We didn’t design the ATV for YouTube, we didn’t design iTunes for universities, but as of this morning there’s iTunes U… alumni can get at it, MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, and this is iTunes, and it’s free. So who would have thought? That’s what I love what we do — we make these tools and they’re constatntly surprising us.

Thank you Steve.

[Steve walks offstage, we’re all done!]

Transcripción de la entrevista a Steve Jobs y Bill Gates

Nota: Esta transcripción cubre mas preguntas de las que salen en el video

Steve Jobs y Bill Gates estrechando manos

They’re on stage! And shaking hands!

Steve Jobs y Bill Gates

They’re recognizing notable technologists… Mitch Kapor, etc. And here they go. What do you think each has contributed to the tech industry?

Steve: Bill built the first software company. That was huge. Bill’s been able to stay with it for all these years.

Bill: First, I want to clarify, I’m NOT Fake Steve Jobs. What Steve’s done is quite phenomenal.

Steve Jobs y Bill Gates

Bill: Steve said once, we build the products we want to use ourselves, and he’s done that with incredible taste and elegance. Apple literally was failing before Steve went back.

Steve: We’ve also both been incredibly lucky to have great partners that we started the companies with. Great people, he says.

They look totally comfortable up there together!. Walt mentions an old print ad: “Thousands of people have discovered the Apple computer.”

Steve: We had some very strange ads back then…

Walt: Most people don’t know that there was some MS software in that first Apple computer!

Gates is sooo reminiscing, talking about Altairs and Woz and floating point — Jobs interrupts.

Steve: Let me tell the story! [Huge laughter.] Chatting about Woz not authoring floating-point BASIC — Microsoft sold Apple their floating-point BASIC app for $31,000. The trip, apparently, was fun! Walt wants to know what was the most fun, though. Talking about the original Mac…

Bill: What Steve had planned was intended to be a LOT more money. Steve kind of gave the eh-whatchagonna do look. Much laughter.

22k for the screenbuffer, 14k for the OS. Hot damn that’s an advanced machine. Talking about Mac apps and the like…

Kara: What’d you think was going to happen to Apple after Steve left?

Steve Jobs y Bill Gates

Bill: Apple’s fate hung in the balance!. The debate wasn’t Mac vs. Windows, it was CLI vs GUI. We were looking to invest… with Gil Amelio. laughter. Steve has a big big grin (sonrisa). “Don’t worry about that negotiation with Gil Amelio anymore.” laughter.

Steve: Gil had a saying, “Apple is like a ship with holes in the bottom leaking water. My job is to get that ship pointed in the right direction.” Huge laughter. Bill is talking about the virtues of Windows 95, Steve is looking on biting his lip — not grumpily though, if you can picture it.

Steve Jobs y Bill Gates

Steve: Apple was in very serious trouble…. a zero sum game. Apple invented a lot of this stuff but Microsoft was very successful. There was a lot of jealousy. It was crazy, Apple was very weak, so I called Bill and tried to patch things up. Bill talking about developing Mac apps.

Steve: Microsoft is one of our best developer partners.

Kara: Are you competitors? I have to admit, I really like PC guy.

Steve: The art of those commercials isn’t to be mean, it’s for those guys to like each other. PC guy is great. PC guy is what makes it work! [Big laughs].

Walt: How often is MS on your radar in a business sense?

Look at Zune… they love that Apple created this market, and they’re going to contribute… something… to that…. Steve is SO known for his restraint. [Huge laughs].

It’s almost heartwarming… Walt is mentioning that Apple is known for its vertical integration methods. Steve recites the Alan Kay quote about those wanting to do great software needing to make hardware.

Bill: I can resist that. Ha! [Laughs].

Walt to Steve: is there something you would have done differently to get a larger Mac market share?

Steve’s diverted to talk about the CE space, hardware v. software.
Bill mentions PCs to Macs aren’t too different than iPods to Zunes.

Steve Jobs y Bill Gates

Steve: I cleared the cobwebs. It’s not about today or yesterday, let’s go invent tomorrow. Steve on competition: I think it’s really healthy, there are some really exciting companies out there right now. Bill agrees. Man, these two are peas in an iPod, we says.

Walt: You’re the guys that represent the rich client, the PC. In five years will the PC still be the linchpin when apps move into the cloud?

Bill: The mainstream is always under attack. You’re always going to have rich local functionality. It’s about using that together with rich functionality in the cloud, and that’s a hell of a good way to put it.

Steve: Concrete example. I love Gmaps. We thought, wouldn’t it be great to have one on the iPhone? … So Apple develops the app and Steve says “BLOWS AWAY” every other Gmaps app ever. There’s still a lot you can do with a rich client — and rich clients run on lower and lower cost/power devices.

They’re chatting up the Palm Foolio, er, Folio now… but what’s the device in 5 years?

Bill: You won’t have one. I believe in the tablet form factor…

Steve: The personal computer has been very resilient. The internet changed all that. The notion of the PC as the digital hub started to take off. There’s something starting again… there’s an explosion in post-PC devices (like the iPod). Devices focused on functions — that’s the category where the innovation is.

Walt wants them to estimate the core functions of the cellphone-like user device in five years. Gates believes ultimately you won’t ever want to edit things on your small device… talking about flexible and rollable displays.

Steve: the art of devices is the editing function, what’s on it and what’s not on it. But it will primarily be a communications device.

Kara asks Steve and Bill: what they’re looking at for next gen communications and collaboration tools, like Wikis etc.

Steve and Bill stare blankly for a number of awkward moments…

Steve Jobs y Bill Gates

Steve: There used to be saying at Apple, “Isn’t it funny? A ship that leaks from the top.” That’s what they used to say about me in my 20s.

Walt: .Mac… you guys didn’t really develop it.

Steve: I couldn’t agree more, and we’ll make up for lost time in the near future.

Do you worry about not being as nimble as some of these companies?

Bill is talking about the ecosystem and using cool new stuff to drive demand for both their businesses. Steve thinks Apple takes a different approach. We don’t know how to do maps, search, some of this new stuff… so we partner with those companies that do. It’s really hard for one company to do everything. They’re talking about becoming enablers of digital content.

The industry is still trying to make the transition while they’re under attack from piracy… learned some things to do, some things not to do. There’s a tremendous amount of experimentation and thought going on that’s gonna be good… really good.

Walt: is there a new paradigm coming for the PC?

Steve Jobs y Bill Gates

Bill is digging on the idea of 3D computing and natural input, and how it is going to change the way we interact with technology. They’re still discussing interfaces.

Bill: touch, ink, speech, vision — you’re underestimating the degree of evolution.

Ha! Kara and Walt are totally making fun of Steve. “Yeah, we know your’e working on something… it’s going to be beautiful and BLOW US AWAY.” Hilarious. Steve looks perplexed but you can totally tell he wants to dish.

Steve: There’s a real revolution in these post-PC devices. But it really has to be tempered. In some cases you have to augment what exists, but in some cases you have to replace things. But the radical rethinking comes with post-PC devices.

Kara: what’s the greatest misunderstanding about your relationship with each other?

Steve: We’ve kept our marriage secret for over a decade. (Nice Steve, Nice).

Bill: Neither of us have anything to complain about. People come and go in this industry, it’s nice when someone sticks around! [People, we’re telling you, these guys really respect each other. There’s no doubt about it. There’s a certain, sombre reverence, and profound respect. It just comes through.]

Steve: When Bill and I started we were the youngest guys in the room. Now I’m the oldest guy in the room. That’s why I love being here. Steve quotes the Beatles. “You and I have memories longer than the road ahead.” Everyone awwwws… and now there’s a standing ovation.

[Preguntas y Respuestas]

Steve Jobs y Bill Gates

Q: What will you two find ground on in terms of policy in the 2008 elections?

Steve: We’ve got some pretty big problems. Most are bigger than anything Silicon Valley can contribute. Steve’s talking about alternative energy and our dependency on foreign oil.
Kara: are you investing in energy?
Bill: Some.
Kara: So that could be a lot. [Laughs] XD

Q about standards and convergence devices.

Steve: Bill and I can agree we can get it down to two!
Bill: The marketplace is great at allowing diversity when it should, and allowing it to go away when it should.
Steve: And allowing it back sometimes! Harrrrr. Laughs.

Q about their legacies. Applause for Bills charity work, huge huge applause. Does Steve envy Bill’s second act?

Steve: Bill’s goal isn’t to be the richest guy in the cemetary. … I look at us as two of the luckiest guys on the planet… we’ve found what we loved to do at the right place at the right time. Your family and that, what more can you ask for?

Q asking about a single piece of advice for a new entrepreneur.

Bill is talking about economies of scale, and wanting to do great things, no worry about growth and money so much. Love of the game!
Steve: It’s really hard. If you don’t love it you’re gonna give up. It’s a lot of hard work, it’s a lot of worrying. Love it, have passion. You’ve got to be a really good talent scout. Build and organization that can build itself.

Q about what they’ve learned and what they could have learned from the other guy.
(*) (*) (*)
Bill: I’d give a lot to have Steve’s taste. Laughter. Intuitive taste and products. The way he does things is just different. Just… wow.

Steve: We weren’t so good with partnering with people. Bill and Microsoft were really good at it. … Steve: We’re up to a million personal training sessions a year, a lot of them are seniors.

Last question! About… the metaverse? Oook. Asking about the next 5-10 years.

Bill: I don’t think Steve’s going to announce his transporter. Laughter.

Steve: I don’t know, and that’s what makes it exciting to go into work every day.

They’re wrapping up… shall we recap? Steve, calculating, articulate, very guarded, playing his hand very close to the chest. Bill, very friendly, very open, surprisingly accessible. Both so clearly in love with what they do. These two guys are one in a million, and it’s totally clear they’ve never respected anyone else quite like they respect each other.

The Beatles play them off, another standing ovation. We’re out folks, g’night!

Traducción al Español

A continuación, la traducción hecha por fayerwayer (gracias muchachos), al español de la Entrevista realizada a Steve Jobs y Bill Gates.

  • 7:15 PM: La conversación de hoy en la noche será introducida por una pequeña película de previas apariciones Gates/Jobs. Primero: El Macintosh Dating Game”, en 1984. (Ah, se veían tan jóvenes entonces!). Termina con Gates y Jobs riéndose juntos en D en 2005.
  • 7:20 PM: Gates y Jobs sobre el escenario.
  • Walt reconoce a los otros dos solteros de el Macintosh Dating Game”: Mitch Kapor y Fred Gibbons, ambos están en el público.
  • Que han contribuído cada uno de ustedes a la industria?
  • Jobs: Bill construyó la primera compañía de software de la industria, y eso fue enorme. Bill estaba realmente enfocado en el software. Hay muchas cosas que otros podrán decir, pero ese es el punto más alto.
  • Gates: Primero me gustaría aclarar, no soy Fake Steve Jobs.
  • 7:30 PM: Gates continúa: Apple realmente persiguió el sueño de construir productos que queríamos usar nosotros mismos. El siempre parece descubrir cual va a ser el próximo movimiento de la industria. La industria se ha beneficiado enormemente de su trabajo.
  • Walt recuerda el Apple II, hace notar que agrandó la base de personas que podían usar computadores. Menciona un aviso que decía miles de personas han usado un computador Macintosh”, Jobs interrumpe: Teníamos unos avisos muy extraños en ese entonces.”
  • 7:35 PM: Walt: Algunas personas no saben que había software de Microsoft en ese computador Apple II. Gates comienza a contar la historia. Jobs interrumpe nuevamente: Déjame contar la historia. Wozniak desarrolla un OS que es de punto fijo y no de punto flotante. Le rogamos que lo haga de punto flotante, y nunca lo hizo. Y Microsoft tenía este muy buen Basic de punto flotante, y lo elegimos.”
  • Gates: Nosotros realmente apostamos nuestro futuro en que el Macintosh fuera un éxito. Así que trabajamos juntos.
  • Jobs: Acuérdense que Microsoft no estaba en el negocio de las aplicaciones, asi que esto era una gran apuesta para ellos.
  • Gates: Cual fue el próximo punto de entrada en la industria? Habíamos apostado que serían las gráficas, así que elegimos el Mac. El Mac OS original eran 14K.
  • Jobs: Era más grande que eso ” 20K.
  • Jobs: Apple hizo el Mac, pero conseguimos que Bill y su equipo hiciera las aplicaciones.
  • 7:40 PM: Kara: Bill, que pensaste que sucedería después de los desastres en Apple y Steve se fue?
  • Gates: Nos preocupamos que Apple no se estaba diferenciando de las otras plataformas ” Windows y DOS. Después que salió el Mac 512K, la linea de productos no evolucionó de la manera que necesitaba. Ciertamente no de la manera que lo hubiese hecho si Steve hubiese estado ahí. Yo llamaba a Gil Amelio los fines de semana tratando de lograr que las cosas se movieran. Hasta que un día, Steve me llama y dice, No te preocupes más de esas negociaciones con Amelio.”
  • Walt hace notar la declaración de Jobs en el video de 1997 sobre la competencia con Microsoft siendo destructiva.
  • Jobs responde: Si el juego fuera un juego de suma cero donde si Apple quisiera ganar, Microsoft tendría que perder, entonces Apple perdería. Pero Apple no tenía que ganarle a Microsoft. Tenía que recordar lo que era Apple. Microsoft era el principal desarrollador de software, y Apple era débil. Así que llamé a Bill.
  • 7:45 PM: Jobs: La relación de desarrollo entre Microsoft y Apple es una de las mejores que tenemos.
  • Jobs: El tipo PC es lo que hace que todo funcione, en realidad. (Haciendo referencia a la campaña Soy un Mac, Soy un PC”.)
  • Gates: La madre del tipo PC lo ama.
  • Como ve Apple a Microsoft?
  • Jobs recicla su comentario de Apple es sobre software bello en una caja bella”, de su sesión anterior. Hace notar que Apple es fundamentalmente una compañía de software, como lo es Microsoft.
  • 7:50 PM: Jobs: Alan Kay una vez dijo Las personas que aman el software quieren construir su propio hardware.” Fuera de Windows en PCs, es dificil ver otros ejemplos de software y hardware siendo desconectados y trabajando bien juntos.
  • Walt a Jobs: Hubo algo que podrían haber hecho de manera diferente donde podrían haber tenido una mayor cuota de mercado para el Mac. Hay algo de lo que te arrepientas?
  • Jobs: Hay muchas cosas que podría haber hecho mejor la primera vez. Tiene que dejar ir esas cosas. Una de las primeras cosas que hice cuando volvía a Apple fue darle el museo Apple a Stanford. Necesitamos ir a construir el mañana, y no preocuparnos del ayer.
  • 7:55 PM: Kara: Como ven el panorama tecnológico actual?
  • Jobs: Creo que hay cosas de próxima generación muy interesantes siendo construidas ahora.
  • Gates: Es un periodo interesante. Recordaremos estos años como uno de los grandes períodos de invención.
  • Walt: Ustedes son las personas que representan el rich-client, el gran sistema operativo, pero hay una noción estos días que todo esta migrando hacia la nube. En cinco años, seguirá siendo el PC lo que mantiene todo conectado?
  • Gates: Recuerdan el computador una sola función? El network computer de Larry Ellison? Mientras miran el aparto que se conecta al televisor del auto, pero cuando llegas a la pantalla completa ! en una sala de estar ! no estamos ni cerca de dejar eso.
  • 8 PM: Jobs: Un ejemplo. La aplicación de Google Maps que escribimos para el iPhone es mucho mejor que el propio Google Maps. ¿Por qué? Porque estas corriendo la aplicación localmente. Puedes hacer mucho más con un rich-client que con un navegador. Al mismo tiempo, los rich-clients están mejorando y su precio está bajando. La unión de estos servicios con un cliente poderoso es una unión muy poderosa.
  • 8:05 PM: Cuales serán los dispositivos que podrían llevar en cinco años más?
  • Gates: Creo que será una serie de dispositivos. Una tablet y luego algo más pequeño que podrás llevar en tu bolsillo. Eso son tamaños naturales.
  • Jobs: El PC siempre regresa. Su muerte ha sido predecida muchas veces. Pero llegó internet y le volvio a dar fuerza. Luego se estancó nuevamente. Llegaron los medios digitales y nuevamente le dieron fuerza. Así que pienso que el PC seguirá estando con nosotros. Pero también hay una explosión en los dispositivos post-PC. Hay una categoría de productos que no son de uso general. Están más enfocados y esa categoría continuará siendo muy innovadora.
  • Cuales son las aplicaciones principales de estos dispositivos portátiles?
  • Gates dice que tendremos un gran rango de selección, pero uno que será limitado por su tamaño. Hace notar que todavía no se pueden editar las tareas rasonablemente en la pantalla de un celular.
  • Jobs dice que no sabe lo que estará en estos dispositivos. ¿Por qué? Poruqe hace cinco años, nunca pensé que habrían mapas en ellos. Pero ahora están.
  • 8:10 PM: Que areas de internet consideran interesantes?
  • [! pausa larga ! pausa muy larga !]
  • Jobs: Hay zillones de cosas interesantes sucediendo en internet. Muchas envolviendo entretenimiento, pero muchas sobre descubrir como navegar la vida de manera más eficiente.
  • 8:15 PM: Jobs sobre entretenimiento: Las personas quieren disfrutar del entretenimiento cuando ellas quieran, como ellas quieran, en los dispositivos que ellas quieran. Si eres una compañía de contenido, eso es algo grandioso. Pero a veces las transiciones son dificiles.
  • 8:20 PM: Walt pregunta sobre el futuro del SO y de la interfaz de usuario. Veremos un nuevo paradigma?
  • Gates postula que estamos cerca de ver grandes avances en 3D y multitouch. Dispositivos posicionales 3D. Software puede ser visión, y eso puede ser hecho de manera poco costosa y permeable.
  • 8:30 PM: Cual es el mayor malentendido de su relación?
  • Jobs: Hemos mantenido nuestro matrimonio secreto hasta el momento.
  • Gates: No creo que tengamos nada que reclamar. Extraño a algunas personas que han dejado la industria. Es bueno tener a alguien como Steve cerca.
  • Jobs: Cuando Bill y yo ingresamos a la industria por primera vez, eramos los más jovenes de la habitación, y ahora somos los más viejos. Me gusta pensar en las cosas como canciones de Dylan o los Beatles. Y está esa línea en esa canción de los Beatles, Tu y yo tenemos recuerdos más largos que la calle que estira frente a nosotros” [You and I have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead”], creo que eso se aplica aquí.
  • Pasamos a la sesión de preguntas y respuestas.
  • P: Hasta que punto hay demasiada diversidad en la tecnología? Nuestras vidas generalmente son mejoradas por los estándares, pero pareciera que la diversidad esta cerca de alcanzar un punto en que la convergencia que buscamos ya no es posible.
  • Jobs: Creo que Bill y yo estaríamos de acuerdo que podríamos dejarlo en dos ! es dificil limitar la imaginación.
  • Gates: Creo que el mercado es muy bueno limitando !
  • 8:35 PM: P: Que hay sobre nuestros legados?Si tuvieran que elegir uno, cual sería? Steve Jobs, envidias el segundo acto de Bill Gates?
  • Gates: El trabajo más importante del cual he tenido la oportunidad de estar involucrado ha sido el PC. Esa es la obra de mi vida. He tenido suerte que he podido aplicar las habilidades y recursos que desarrollo a partir de esas experiencias en otras áreas.
  • 8:40 PM: P: Consejos para un emprendedor que comienza?
  • Gates: La idea de estar a la delantera e incrementar en tamaño ha sido uno de nuestros desafíos más grandes. Nuestro negocio es realmente acerca de la pasión.
  • Jobs: Si no lo amas, vas a fracasar. Debes amarlo y debes tener pasión. Y debes ser un buen seleccionador de talento, sólo puedes construir una gran organización al rededor de grandes personas.
  • P: Que les hubiese gustado aprender del otro al comienzo?
  • Gates: Admiro el gusto de Steve. Y no es chiste.
  • Jobs: Si Apple pudiera haber tenido un poco de la capacidad de Microsoft para alianzas al comenzar, podríamos haber sido mejores para eso.
  • 8:45 PM: P: Mucha de la innovación que vemos hoy en internet pareciera estar orientada a los jóvenes. Que pasa con las generaciones más viejas?
  • Jobs hace notar que iSight e iChat son utilizados por muchos abuelos.
  • Otro ejemplo de Jobs: Empezamos a ofrecer sesiones de entrenamiento personal en nuestras tiendas hace un año, y hemos hecho casi un millón. Muchos de ellos son personas mayores.
  • P: Que tipos de tecnologías de comunicaciones ven que llegarán en los próximos años?
  • Gates: Bueno, no creo que Steve vaya a anunciar su transportador personal hoy !
  • Jobs: No lo se. Y eso es lo que hace que sea emocionante ir a trabajar todos los días. No puedo ni comenzar a imaginar como será en 10 años más.
  • Ovación de pie. Muy merecida. Muy merecida.

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